• Taking Control
    Taking Control

Hello and welcome.

Out of billions of web pages out there, you’ve landed on this one, so well done! If you’re looking to change your life for the better, then read on. If you were looking for financial advice (hidden debts) or a ticket to Dolphin World, you’d probably best check your spelling and ask the search engine again.

Still here? Then you may be wondering how hypnotherapy could help you, IF indeed it could. Perhaps you have little or no knowledge of which therapeutic applications hypnosis is used for. How does it work? What happens during a hypnotherapy session? And then there’s the question about cost. Well these questions are answered on the FAQs page, including current prices.

My name is Sylvia McGlynn and my practice is in East Ayrshire, Scotland. I’m fast approaching 50, and first studied to become a hypnotherapist in 2004, after which I established a practice in my native Yorkshire. Having relocated to Scotland for personal reasons in 2014, I now run a practice in a beautiful rural setting, about 20 miles east of Kilmarnock and Ayr.

My philosophy is best described by a few maxims. One, by an eminent doctor, is: ‘There are no incurable diseases, only incurable people.’ Another, by the motivational speaker Jack Kornfield, is: ‘You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.’ A third, uttered by Albert Einstein goes: ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge.’

So how do these words relate to hypnotherapy? Well, they all follow the same principle; they refer to change and how we are the masters of our own fate.

So if you tend to awaken at the start of your working week thinking, ‘Not again. Another boring / confusing / frightful day at work,’ well guess what? Chances are you will have a boring / confusing / frightful day at work. It has long since been recognised that what we tend to expect, tends to happen. Our thoughts, it seems, become our reality.

But this works BOTH ways. Expect something good, like a word of praise, some help with a difficult task, or a friend to call and very often this is what happens.

So it is with hypnotherapy. The hypnotherapist is a facilitator for positive change. You explain what it is that bothers you and how you would like things to be. Having induced hypnosis, that is, a very relaxed state of heightened awareness, your therapist guides you to instruct your subconscious level of mind to make the necessary changes.

How does this work in practice? Well, let’s say you want to get rid of a few pounds – that spare tyre you’ve been carrying around for some time. You’ve tried diets before, all kinds of diets. Maybe you lost a few pounds… but the moment you stopped dieting, you piled it all back on. Like the proverbial yoyo, your weight went up and down, while your mood followed suit.

Well the first stage is to identify why you want to be slimmer. Next you need a positive image of yourself at your ideal weight, shape and form. This might exist in a photograph from years before, or simply by exercising your imagination. Now you have something to work towards. Instead of trying to escape from being overweight, you begin moving towards your new self-image.

You’ll probably find you can barely move fast enough. It’s not about what you left behind (chocolate, chips, snacks, and so on) but what you’re moving towards (clothes that fit, more energy, improved health and vitality). Just like the child in a car heading out on a day trip, your mind will be asking, ‘Are we nearly there yet?’ – such is your impatience to arrive at your desired destination.

A vital ingredient for success is your own conscious desire for it to work. However, you also need your subconscious mind to work in harmony with your conscious desires. Without establishing harmony first, you’re fighting an internal battle. Part of you states, ‘But it’s not good for me’ (your conscious, rational mind), while the other part insists, ‘One biscuit won’t hurt,’ (your subconscious, child-like mind). Between rational thought and emotional desire there is but one result; emotion wins every time. This is why hypnotherapy works so well. Harmony between both levels of mind is the key to success.

This is true for so many issues from smoking or drinking alcohol, to coping with stress, a phobia or chronic pain. Maybe you lack confidence or have low self-esteem? Perhaps you’re struggling to conceive? Well if you’d like to join the countless success stories past clients have shared with me, you’re in the right place.

From postcards sent from far flung destinations by clients who have overcome a flying phobia, to baby photographs from delighted parents who had been told the chances of conception were practically zero, I feel honoured to have played my part. From a lifelong smoker (aged 13 until 76 years old) who quit after one session, to a young woman whose two-bottles-of-wine-a-day habit, became two glasses of wine in a week after one session, I still marvel at the incredible changes that hypnotherapy enables people to make.

So if you have a desire to change something about your life, a problem you wish to overcome, a habit you wish to change or a talent you would like to develop, maybe YOU could be the next success story. At Hidden Depths Hypnotherapy, this could happen much sooner than you think.

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